Art Editor

We are currently seeking volunteers to fill the position(s) of Art Editor. The Art Editor is in charge of finding artwork that resonates alongside PARAGRAPHITI's written pieces. The Art Editor has the following responsibilities:

  • Find and maintain communication with artists of various mediums;
  • Procure artwork from artists to run alongside written pieces;
  • Ensure artwork is complete on time for publication deadline.

Candidates need not be artists themselves, but should have a passion for curating art, and a solid network of artists known to them, or be willing to build that network through their work with PARAGRAPHITI. Because this is an unpaid, volunteer position we are open to considering multiple people to help fill the role of Art Editor.

If interested, please email Christine Texeira (cmtexeira [AT] gmail [DOT] com) with your resume and a brief introduction of yourself, and your relationship with art.



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