Welcome back to PARAGRAPHITI. We’re thrilled to have you—honored, really. And what a time to be alive! We’d like to take this opportunity to share with you that PARAGRAPHITI is on its way to bigger and better things. As a non-profit organization, PARAGRAPHITI will now be expanding its literary reach beyond that of the web, in the form of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction print books, works of the highest quality that provide a space where the pressure points of language, culture, and art can be uncovered in order to stretch the concept of "foreign" skin cell thin. By publishing art and literature of the highest merit, PARAGRAPHITI wishes to celebrate thought in its various manifestations.

Exciting times lie ahead. And we want you to be a part of it whether you’re stopping by to read a few pieces, enjoying some fine artwork, listening to audio recordings of our numerous writers, or submitting your own work. Which reminds us, we hope you enjoy the new website. All of our previously published works can still be found lounging around. Peruse those archives! They’ve missed you. And here’s to the future, everyone. Thank you for all that you’ve done until now and all that you will do in the future to make PARAGRAPHITI what we could only dream it to be.

As Ever,
The Editors

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