Table of Contents

     Firmly on the Ground of the Hyper-Real, Yet Floating in the Air: Young Romanian Poets Now
Alex Văsieș
     The Gardener's Joy
     "I trust I make myself obscure”

Florentin Popa
     stardate 23081986
     thou shalt piss thine pants
     the solitude of stara planina

Livia Ştefan
     born in ’82
     there’s always room

Marius Conkan
     On where the raspberry was burnt

Matei Hutopila
     summer kitchen
     jesus matei hutopila

Medeea Iancu
Teodora Coman
     a dispatcher

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Issue Masthead

Guest Editor: Adam Sorkin
Art by: Daniel Ursache

Adam Sorkin

Adam J. Sorkin has published more than fifty books of translation, and his work has won the 2005 Poetry Society (U.K.) Prize for European Poetry Translation as well as the International Quarterly Crossing Boundaries Award, the Kenneth Rexroth Memorial Translation Prize, the Ioan Flora Prize for Poetry Translation, and the Poesis Translation Prize, among others. His mostrecent publications include A Sharp Double-Edged Luxury Object by Rodica Draghincescu (translated with Antuza Genescu), Červená Barva Press, 2014; Gold and Ivy/Aur și iederă by George Vulturescu (translated with Olimpia Iacob), Eikon, 2014; The Starry Womb by Mihail Gălățanu (translated with Petru Iamandi and the author), Diálogos Books, 2014; and The Book of Anger by Marta Petreu (translated with Christina Zarifopol-Illias and Liviu Bleoca), also Diálogos Books, 2014. Sorkin is Distinguished Professor of English, Penn State Brandywine

Daniel Ursache

Daniel Ursache is an illustrator, painter, printmaker and graphic designer. He was born in Romania, but has lived in Montréal since 2004. He has exhibited his work in Canada, Romania, Poland, Yugoslavia, Holland, Germany and Italy.

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