By RC Miller

Published 7/4/2014

A white ant is falling as rain.
It is He who gives and rots.
He is the hunter I meet everywhere.

Language shortages sustain
A marshy web scattered all about.
Able is an earthquake with its face unicellular.

My recent years are naked and in disorder.
God sends food:
Shivering green hair squeezed from laundry.

God sends an anthill changed into female circumcision.
The place of the dead coils itself around the earth and keeps it firm.
Layer by layer, I am worn by a color with one breast.

I draw a male and female outline on the ground, on top of one another.
And then I sit down to eat it.
The grasshopper stays.

Some brew beer from it, others burn it.
I hype a deep farce.
This is the beginning of rice.


RC Miller lives in Metuchen, NJ. He is creator of Mask With Sausage, Pussy Guerilla Face Banana Fuck Nut and Demon Drawings, all published (or soon to be) by gobbet press. Miller maintains an art blog via
(Updated Jul. 2014)