Written by Ross Henry Law 
Art by Narges (Hasmik) Mohammadi 

Published 5/23/2014

Art by Narges (Hasmik) Mohammadi 

The pylons hum
and junipers squirm,
disempowered breakers
caress wet sand.

Under this
cabinet heat
the street dogs
rove, their eyes
straining for scraps
in lemon warmth
of boulevard doorways.

Tepid tea is drank
in dank cafés,
pledges are made
and smashed behind
in shadow-cast labyrinths.

People die quietly
in scorched
blood scrubbed,
with cumin sprinkled upon
mackerel and moored boats
painted amber,
jutting in the
slanted sunlight harbour.

Underneath it
all the beautiful
are disappearing.



Ross Henry Law is a 24-year-old aspiring poet. Currently working for the Oxford University Press at their base in Shanghai, he spends his free time hanging out in coffee houses around the city, photographing big buildings, running in the park, and looking out for like-minded folks to discuss art and language with.  
(Updated Mar. 2014)

Narges (Hasmik) Mohammadi is an Iranian illustrator and writer. She has done illustrations for many Iranian magazines and publishing houses. She has had several national and international group exhibitions. She is art director at Dane-Ab Illustration.  
(Updated Mar. 2014)